The glitched bitter sweet collection of Truth Potion is a wink to the journey we all walk trough life. It’s about the truth of the bitter and sweet, the good and bad. All these emotions are energy-in-motion which are represented in our so called world of duality, a natural thing we come across to in life.

With this collection I hope the collector to embrace their path, no matter the impact of the energy-in-motion, to be open for the inner growth their path has brought them. As to take it as a gift that life gave us.
I took some recognizable life aspects or emotional events and translated that in a colorful glitchy collection. Emphasizing this duality, there’s a left and right piece within the same phenomenon to form a complete set.

The colors, which can be aligned or bold, are emphasizing the sauce of the potion, the vibe. The moving elements can be subtle or harsh, but they are always glitchy. The glitch represents imperfections, because nothing is perfect…embrace it!
Every piece carries an emotion, which can resemble yours or can be received as a hint. Hence, the attributes with name, potion, skin and expression. Nevertheless, within the emotion being expressed, the viewer may see whatever they make out of it, it’s their own interpretation. So remember…a tear can be sweet too, like tears of joy!

Enjoy, and have fun collecting your sets!

A Snippet Of The Collection